June 22, 2023

A Food Lover’s Guide to Halal Restaurant Amsterdam: Our Top 8 Picks

As you step into the dynamic city of Amsterdam, you are greeted by an exciting mix of cultures, landscapes and, notably, a culinary scene that spans the globe. Among the city’s bustling cafés, high-end dining establishments and iconic food stalls, there is a world that beautifully blends faith and food – the world of halal restaurant Amsterdam.

Welcome to the World of Halal Restaurant Amsterdam

These restaurants are spread across the city, each one a testament to Amsterdam’s respect for cultural diversity and inclusivity. They cater to the city’s Muslim population and the ever-growing number of tourists who adhere to Islamic dietary laws, as well as anyone interested in experiencing new flavours.

From flavoursome Moroccan cuisine at Restaurant Biladi Samir, Indonesian delicacies at Sari Citra, to authentic Turkish dishes at Restaurant Meram, each halal restaurant in Amsterdam offers a unique culinary experience. These establishments are not just about food; they are about creating a space where cultural traditions and dietary needs are respected and celebrated.

So, let’s embark on a culinary journey to explore the thriving scene of halal restaurants in Amsterdam, where every meal is a celebration of flavours, faith, and cultural diversity.

Top 8 Halal Food Amsterdam

Mozo Restaurant Amsterdam: A Harmonious Blend of Authentic Flavours and Contemporary Setting

Tagine dish in a Moroccan restaurant
Halal Restaurant Amsterdam

In the heart of the city, Mozo Restaurant stands as a favourite destination for halal food Amsterdam locals and visitors alike savour. This halal restaurant in Amsterdam offers an intriguing mix of Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines, appealing to a diverse range of tastes.

Mozo prides itself on a menu filled with halal-certified dishes, each reflecting the rich flavours of the Middle East. From succulent Lamb Tagine and Chicken Shawarma to lighter options like their renowned Hummus and Tabbouleh, Mozo satisfies both cravings and dietary needs with finesse.

In essence, Mozo Restaurant Amsterdam symbolises the vibrant halal restaurant scene in the city, with its seamless blend of authenticity and innovation. Whether seeking delightful halal food Amsterdam or a unique dining experience, Mozo emerges as an inviting culinary hotspot.

Sari Citra Amsterdam: A Taste of Indonesia in the Heart of the City

An Indonesian dish in an Amsterdam halal restaurant
Halal Restaurant Amsterdam

Sari Citra Restaurant, in Amsterdam’s lively centre, offers a taste of Indonesia’s vibrant flavours. Known for its traditional Indonesian cooking methods and ingredients, this halal restaurant Amsterdam promises an authentic dining experience.

A walk into Sari Citra introduces you to an array of classic Indonesian dishes. The menu boasts favourites like Nasi Goreng, Beef Rendang, and an array of satays, all complying with halal food standards. Not forgetting, a selection of vegetarian dishes are also available.

The ambience of Sari Citra reflects the spirit of Indonesia. Vibrant decor and a cosy setting make it an ideal spot for a leisurely meal or a gathering with friends. Accompanied by their friendly, attentive staff, dining at Sari Citra becomes an immersive experience.

Porto Marina: Mediterranean Delights in a Halal Amsterdam Setting

Seafood Paella
Halal Amsterdam

Embark on a Mediterranean culinary journey right in the heart of Amsterdam at Porto Marina, a seafood and tapas restaurant. This cherished halal restaurant is renowned for its commitment to authentic flavours, quality ingredients, and a dining experience that echoes the tranquillity of a seaside town.

Stepping into Porto Marina, one is transported to the Mediterranean. The decor marries traditional aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities, creating an atmosphere that’s both inviting and relaxing.

But it’s the food that truly steals the show. Porto Marina prides itself on a menu that respects halal dietary standards while delivering an authentic Mediterranean gastronomic experience. Succulent seafood, tender meats, and fresh salads, each dish is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and flavour.

Burgers ‘N Shake Amsterdam: A Halal Haven of Comfort Food

Burger with several sides
Halal Restaurant Amsterdam

Venturing into the heart of Amsterdam’s lively dining scene, you’ll discover a place where comfort food is given a unique halal twist. Burgers ‘N Shake stands proudly amongst the city’s diverse culinary offerings, specialising in tantalising, halal-compliant comfort food that both locals and tourists adore.

The halal burgers are the true heroes here, each one handcrafted with passion and precision. Whether you favour a classic beef burger, or are more inclined towards the tender chicken options, each burger showcases a dedication to quality and flavour. All meats are halal, adhering strictly to Islamic dietary laws, ensuring a worry-free dining experience for those observing halal food standards. In addition to the meat being supplied by a certified butcher, all meat is from free-range animals.

Complementing maybe the best halal burgers Amsterdam has to offer, the shakes at this restaurant deserve equal commendation. Prepared with fresh ingredients, they serve as a sweet ending to a satisfying meal or a stand-alone treat in their own right.

Restaurant Meram: A Symphony of Turkish Flavours in Amsterdam

A Turkish baked dish with feta and spinach
Halal Restaurant Amsterdam

Embracing the vibrant flavours of Turkish cuisine, Restaurant Meram is a culinary landmark in halal restaurant Amsterdam’s dining landscape. This acclaimed establishment presents a menu rich with halal options, ensuring an authentic and inclusive dining experience.

The highlight of Meram is undoubtedly its diverse menu. Each dish represents a piece of Turkey’s culinary heritage, meticulously prepared with high-quality, halal-certified ingredients. Whether you choose a traditional kebab or opt for a flavourful stew, you’ll experience a culinary delight that aligns with halal dietary standards.

At Restaurant Meram, each meal is a celebration of Turkish culture. The attentive staff is committed to providing an exceptional dining experience, enhancing the authenticity of your visit.

Unearthing the Flavours of Morocco at Restaurant Biladi Samir

A Moroccan dish
Halal restaurant Amsterdam

For those eager to embark on a culinary journey into the heart of Moroccan cuisine, Restaurant Biladi Samir in Amsterdam provides the perfect compass. Steeped in tradition yet embracing a modern approach, this establishment captures the essence of Moroccan food while adhering to halal guidelines.

The adventure begins the moment you step into Restaurant Biladi Samir. Its charming ambience transports you straight into a Moroccan bazaar, setting the tone for the gastronomic delights that await.

At the core of the Biladi Samir experience is an expansive menu brimming with Moroccan classics. Delicacies like Tagine, Couscous and Harira Soup are prepared using halal-certified ingredients, offering a true taste of Morocco that aligns with halal dietary requirements.

Paloma Blanca: A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Halal in Amsterdam

Mezze dishes
Halal restaurant Amsterdam

For those seeking to immerse themselves in the culinary traditions of the Middle East, Paloma Blanca in Amsterdam serves as a gastronomic oasis. This restaurant showcases a masterful blend of traditional Middle Eastern fare, presented with a halal conscious approach.

On arrival at Paloma Blanca, guests are welcomed into a space that exudes warmth and authenticity. The decor, reflective of Middle Eastern aesthetics, serves as an enticing prelude to the cuisine on offer.

The menu at Paloma Blanca is a symphony of time-honoured Middle Eastern dishes, each crafted using halal-certified ingredients. From aromatic Lamb Kebabs to delightful Mezze spreads and comforting stews, Paloma Blanca ensures that each dish honours halal dietary requirements without compromising on flavour.

Summing up, Paloma Blanca is a valuable gem in Amsterdam’s culinary crown. By skilfully combining traditional Middle Eastern cuisine with a firm commitment to halal principles, it offers a unique dining experience that honours both culinary tradition and dietary choices.

Restaurant Mesken: Journey into the Heart of Turkish Cuisine with Halal Standards

Turkish Dish
Halal Restaurant Amsterdam

Embarking on a culinary journey to Turkey doesn’t necessitate a flight ticket; at least not when you’re in Amsterdam. Nestled in the city’s thriving food scene, Restaurant Mesken offers an authentic Turkish dining experience that honours halal dietary guidelines.

Stepping into Restaurant Mesken is akin to entering a vibrant Turkish neighbourhood. The inviting environment, punctuated by a subtle nod to Turkish art and culture, sets the tone for the gastronomic tour that awaits.

At the heart of Restaurant Mesken’s appeal is its traditional Turkish menu. From robust Kebabs and flavourful Mezzes to homely stews, each dish is a tribute to Turkey’s rich culinary heritage, all the while adhering to halal food standards. The use of halal-certified ingredients is a testament to Mesken’s commitment to offering an inclusive dining experience.

But the dining experience at Mesken extends beyond just the food. The hospitality is warm and genuine, reflecting the Turkish culture’s renowned emphasis on making guests feel at home. Making Mesken perhaps the best halal restaurant in Amsterdam.

In summary, Restaurant Mesken takes the culinary diversity of Amsterdam a step further by offering a halal Turkish dining experience that is as authentic as it is enjoyable. It’s a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts looking to explore Turkish cuisine in a halal-conscious setting.

Understanding the Importance of Halal Restaurants Amsterdam

Falafel in a Halal restaurant Amsterdam
Halal Restaurant Amsterdam

Halal is more than just a dietary guideline for Muslims; it’s an integral part of their faith and lifestyle. It signifies what is permissible in Islamic law and extends to all spheres of life, including food. The importance of halal in a cosmopolitan city like Amsterdam cannot be understated.

Amsterdam is a melting pot of cultures, each with its unique dietary preferences and restrictions. The city has recognised the need for halal food establishments to cater to its Muslim residents and visitors who strictly follow these dietary laws. The existence and growth of halal restaurants in Amsterdam underline the city’s commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion.

Halal restaurants Amsterdam ensure that Muslims can enjoy a wide variety of food without compromising their religious beliefs. These restaurants go beyond just serving food; they create a safe and welcoming environment where individuals can dine with confidence, knowing that their dietary laws are respected.

Moreover, halal restaurants in Amsterdam also attract a broader audience, including non-Muslims interested in trying different cuisines, hence promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

In essence, the presence and popularity of halal restaurants in Amsterdam underscores the city’s culinary inclusivity, further establishing Amsterdam as a truly global city.

Conclusion: Our Top Restaurant Halal Amsterdam

As we conclude this culinary journey through the landscape of restaurant halal Amsterdam, it becomes evident that the city is not just a melting pot of cultures, but also a melting pot of tastes, cuisines, and dietary preferences. The diversity of halal restaurants in Amsterdam showcases the city’s commitment to embracing and catering to the diverse dietary needs and cultural backgrounds of its residents and visitors.

From Mozo to Sari Citra, Ohmybun to Burgers ‘N Shake, each restaurant offers a unique and satisfying halal dining experience that goes beyond simply providing food. They create an environment of inclusivity and respect for cultural traditions and dietary beliefs.

In addition, the presence of these establishments helps promote cultural exchange and understanding, encouraging non-Muslim patrons to explore and appreciate the richness and variety of halal cuisines.

Amsterdam’s thriving halal restaurant scene is a testament to the city’s culinary inclusivity, establishing it as a truly global city. This gastronomic diversity not only caters to the city’s Muslim population and visitors but also offers all food lovers a chance to experience a wide range of flavours and cuisines.

The exploration of halal restaurants in Amsterdam is, in essence, a celebration of flavours, faith, and cultural diversity – a culinary voyage that leaves you richer in taste and understanding.


If you’re looking to expand your culinary adventures in Amsterdam, why not delve into the city’s thriving brunch scene? From cosy cafés serving up classic Dutch pancakes to contemporary spots offering internationally inspired breakfast dishes, there’s a world of flavours waiting to be discovered during the brunch hours.

Should you need further guidance navigating the diverse culinary landscape of Amsterdam, please don’t hesitate to explore our website for more insights. And remember, our team is always here to assist you. Feel free to get in touch with any queries – we’d be delighted to help guide your gastronomic journey in this vibrant city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to find halal food in Amsterdam?

Yes, it is quite easy to find halal food in Amsterdam due to the city’s diverse culinary scene and its commitment to inclusivity, with numerous restaurants offering halal-certified dishes.

How do you know if food is halal in a restaurant?

To know if the food is halal in a restaurant, look for a halal certification displayed in the restaurant or on its menu. If uncertain, you can always ask the restaurant staff for confirmation.

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