June 12, 2023

The 6 Best Steak in Amsterdam: Unveiling the Carnivore’s Delight

Amsterdam: A Food Lover’s Dream Destination

Amsterdam, the vibrant heart of the Netherlands, is renowned for its impressive museums, picturesque canals, and of course, a thriving culinary scene. As a cultural melting pot, it offers gastronomes a blend of traditional Dutch cuisine and a rich array of international fare. From delectable street food like herring and ‘stroopwafel’ to haute cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants, Amsterdam caters to every palate and preference.

In this gastronomic paradise, there’s a culinary chapter that often goes unmentioned — its remarkable steakhouse culture. For meat lovers, the city’s steakhouses are an absolute delight, serving cuts of meat that can easily compete with the best in the world.

Exploring the Best Steak Restaurants in Amsterdam

Best Steak in Amsterdam Tour
Best Steak Restaurants in Amsterdam

The steakhouse scene in Amsterdam is as diverse as the city itself. It’s a mix of intimate bistros, elegant dining rooms, and casual grills that provide a fascinating and mouth-watering journey for your taste buds.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Argentinian steakhouse experience or want to savour the finest cuts in a chic steak restaurant in Amsterdam’s city centre, this city has got you covered. The common thread connecting all these establishments is a deep-rooted passion for quality beef, carefully sourced, perfectly aged, and expertly cooked to deliver the ultimate steak experience.

From the iconic, top-rated steakhouses to the hidden gems, we’re here to guide you through this meat lover’s haven. We’ll dissect what makes the best steak in Amsterdam, explore the unique charm of each establishment, and perhaps most importantly, point you towards where you can find the best steak Amsterdam has to offer.

This guide isn’t just for the ardent meat enthusiast; it’s for anyone ready to delve into the rich, enticing steak culture that Amsterdam so proudly embraces. Join us on this gastronomic adventure as we slice into the heart of the best steak restaurants in Amsterdam. Get ready to uncover your new favourite steakhouse. Your journey to discovering the best steak Amsterdam serves starts here!

Diving into the Best Steak in Amsterdam

Cafe Carbon: Sizzling Steak Amsterdam Charm

A steak in one of the best steak in Amsterdam restaurants
Best Steak in Amsterdam

With several locations all over the city, Cafe Carbon is a firm favourite in the steak Amsterdam scene. Renowned for its high-quality meats and urban industrial decor, this establishment offers a dining experience that perfectly blends the city’s vibrant atmosphere with top-tier gastronomy. Guests can expect a diverse selection of steak cuts – including succulent rib-eye, juicy sirloin, and flavourful T-bone steaks – all expertly cooked on a charcoal grill for a robust, smoky finish that sets it apart in the quest for the best steak Amsterdam has to offer.

Where Cafe Carbon truly stands out is in its embrace of communal dining. It’s not just about experiencing the best steak in Amsterdam, but sharing that joy with friends and loved ones. A meal here transcends the act of eating, becoming a social event that fosters connection and camaraderie over shared plates of exquisite food.

Complementing the impressive steak offerings are a variety of side dishes, from grilled vegetables to home-cut fries. The carefully curated wine list offers ideal pairings for their steak, ensuring a rounded, satisfying dining experience. Cafe Carbon is more than a meal—it’s a culinary adventure, and an essential stop on your journey to find the best steak Amsterdam can serve.

Salmuera: Argentinian Steakhouse Amsterdam

Slices of steak with some vegetables on the side
Argentinian Steakhouse Amsterdam

For a slice of Argentina in the heart of Amsterdam, look no further than Salmuera. Nestled in the vibrant Rozengracht area, this Argentinian steakhouse Amsterdam has been winning the hearts of carnivores with its authentic and flavourful fare. The moment you step into Salmuera, you’re greeted by an enticing aroma of grilled meat, transporting you to the lively streets of Buenos Aires.

Salmuera is named after the Spanish term for brine, a traditional Argentinian method of meat preparation, highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity. From prime cuts of Argentinian beef to their homemade chimichurri sauce, the menu is a testament to Argentina’s rich culinary heritage. The star of the show, undoubtedly, is the Asado-style steak, grilled to perfection on a traditional Argentinian parrilla, resulting in a beautifully charred exterior and a tender, juicy interior.

Beyond the exceptional food, Salmuera also charms its patrons with a rustic and warm ambience. With its open kitchen, diners can watch as the chefs expertly grill the meats, adding to the overall dining experience. The carefully curated selection of Argentinian wines and the infamous Dulce de Leche dessert round off the authentic experience, making Salmuera a definite contender in the hunt for the best steak Amsterdam serves.

CAU Steakhouse: Your Passport to Argentinian Flavours in Amsterdam

Steak being grilled on a fire
Best Steak in Amsterdam

Stepping into CAU Steakhouse in Amsterdam feels like embarking on an exciting culinary journey to Argentina. This renowned establishment introduces its diners to an Argentine-inspired steak experience right in the heart of the city.

A visit to CAU is like a masterclass in Argentine beef. The eatery proudly serves a selection of prime cuts, ranging from the lean and flavourful Tira de Ancho, also known as spiral cut ribeye, to the traditional Lomito, a fillet of rump that is considered the finest cut in Argentina. Each steak, expertly grilled to your liking, promises a taste sensation that can compete with any renowned steak restaurant in Amsterdam.

What makes the CAU experience unique is their dedication to the entire dining journey, far beyond just steak. From their tantalising starters such as the Empanadas, to their sweet finishers like Argentinian ice cream, the menu is a celebration of Argentine cuisine. Paired with their impressive collection of Argentinian wines, a visit to CAU Steakhouse is a truly immersive journey into Argentina’s rich gastronomic landscape, making it an unmissable destination in the quest for the best steak Amsterdam can offer.

De Royal Chophouse: The Amsterdam Best Steakhouse

A table in a restaurant with the best steak in Amsterdam
Steakhouse Amsterdam

Nestled within the bustling heart of Amsterdam, De Royal Chophouse has established itself as one of Amsterdam best steakhouse. The blend of old-world charm and contemporary style within its ambience, together with an unwavering commitment to serving top-quality steaks, sets De Royal Chophouse apart from the competition.

The moment you enter, the elegant decor with its tasteful mix of rich woods and plush leather, creates an atmosphere of refined dining. It offers an intimate setting where diners can unwind, making it perfect for everything from a romantic dinner to a business meeting.

What truly sets De Royal Chophouse on the map, however, is its exceptional menu. Boasting a variety of steaks ranging from the classic Ribeye to the exquisite Canadian Fillet, all the meat is carefully sourced and expertly aged to ensure optimum flavour and tenderness. Every cut is prepared on an open grill in full view of diners, demonstrating their confidence in the skill and artistry that goes into each plate.

An equally impressive wine list complements their offerings, with a focus on bold reds that pair wonderfully with the hearty steaks. From their expertly crafted meals to their impeccable service, De Royal Chophouse offers a comprehensive dining experience that is hard to match. It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a destination, and a leading contender in the search for the best steak in Amsterdam.

Cannibale Royale: Unconventional Delights in the Best Steak Restaurant Amsterdam

With a name inspired by its adventurous spirit, Cannibale Royale has carved out a unique niche in Amsterdam’s culinary landscape, becoming a go-to spot for steak enthusiasts who appreciate a dash of daring in their dining experience.

Steak being grilled on fire
Best Steak in Amsterdam

Upon entering this best steak restaurant Amsterdam, you’re immersed in a fascinating, slightly eccentric setting that reflects its bold menu. Vintage artefacts and eclectic decor lend a unique character to the space, creating an atmosphere that’s both engaging and welcoming. The mood is further elevated by the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll, a nod to the restaurant’s playful and unconventional spirit.

The star at Cannibale Royale, of course, is the steak. With a range of expertly prepared cuts on offer, including the revered Bavette and succulent Ribeye, there’s something to satisfy every meat-lover’s palate. Each dish is an exploration of flavour, with the steaks perfectly seared and seasoned, promising a taste experience that stands out among the best steak Amsterdam has to offer.

Cannibale Royale also features a late-night dining option, a rarity in the city, which allows patrons to satisfy their steak cravings until the early hours. This, coupled with their excellent selection of craft beers and cocktails, has made Cannibale Royale a must-visit for anyone seeking a steakhouse experience that is as intriguing as it is satisfying in Amsterdam.

Day’s Stonegrill 1870: An Interactive Experience in One of the Best Steakhouse Amsterdam

Day’s Stonegrill 1870 has evolved into one of Amsterdam’s most unique steak destinations. As the name suggests, this restaurant has mastered the art of stone grilling, presenting a dining experience that not only satiates the taste buds but also engages the senses.

Day’s Stonegrill 1870 is steeped in tradition yet offers a refreshing twist on steak dining. Here, your chosen cut of meat is served on a sizzling hot volcanic stone, allowing you to cook it to your preferred level of doneness right at your table. This interactive approach to dining sets Day’s Stonegrill 1870 apart from other steakhouses in Amsterdam, turning each meal into a memorable experience.

The menu, showcasing a selection of quality cuts, stands testament to the establishment’s commitment to providing top-notch steaks. Whether you opt for a tender fillet mignon or a flavourful sirloin, each piece of meat promises a delightfully juicy and robust taste that contends with the best steak Amsterdam has on offer.

With its vintage-inspired interiors and warm, inviting ambience, Day’s Stonegrill 1870 captures a charm that is both timeless and captivating. This combined with their innovative dining approach, ensures a steak experience that is enjoyable from the moment you step in, until the very last bite. Day’s Stonegrill 1870 is not merely a steakhouse, but a place where culinary tradition and innovation meet, making it a worthy contender in your search for the best steak in Amsterdam.

Steak on the Water: The Amsterdam Dinner Cruise Experience

A dinner Cruise
Amsterdam Dinner Cruise

For those seeking a unique dining experience, why not combine the pleasure of a juicy steak with the romance of a boat ride along Amsterdam’s iconic canals? An Amsterdam dinner cruise offers just that. This memorable culinary journey takes you on a tour of the city’s picturesque waterways, all whilst you indulge in some of the best steak Amsterdam has to offer.

As you board the beautifully lit cruise boat, you’re instantly immersed in a world of tranquillity and luxury. With comfortable seating and panoramic views of the city, the boat sets the scene for a dining experience like no other. As you embark on your journey through the city’s network of canals, the attentive staff serve up your meal, starting with a selection of appetizers and culminating in a delectable steak main course.

The steak, sourced from some of the finest butchers in Amsterdam, is prepared to perfection by experienced chefs on board. Paired with an assortment of wines and garnished with a selection of sides, the dinner cruise steak competes favourably with the offerings from any land-based steakhouse.

The Amsterdam Dinner Cruise provides more than just a delicious meal. It offers a feast for all the senses, with breathtaking views, the gently lapping water, and the twinkle of the city lights combining to create an unparalleled ambience. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, this unique dining experience encapsulates the charm of Amsterdam, giving you the chance to savour some of the best steak the city has to offer while exploring its stunning canals.

From Brunch to Cocktails: The Full Amsterdam Dining Experience

A brunch dish
Amsterdam Brunch

Brunch Amsterdam

Before you embark on your quest to discover the best steak Amsterdam has to offer, why not whet your appetite with the city’s scrumptious brunch scene? Amsterdam is bursting with delightful cafés and eateries where you can start your culinary journey. From classic Dutch pancakes and hearty avocado toast, to artisanal pastries and locally roasted coffee, the brunch offerings in Amsterdam are as diverse as they are delectable. These eateries offer not only a taste of Amsterdam’s food culture, but also a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy the slow pace of a late morning.

Cocktail Bars Amsterdam

And what better way to end a perfect day of culinary exploration than with a visit to one of Amsterdam’s premier cocktail bars? After you’ve indulged in the city’s best steak, there’s a world of exquisite mixology waiting to be discovered. In these establishments, cocktail making is not just a practice but an art form, combining intriguing flavours with a theatrical flair. Whether you prefer a bustling speakeasy vibe or a more intimate, cosy setting, there’s an Amsterdam cocktail bar to suit your preference, and the perfect drink to toast to your culinary adventure.

Amsterdam’s food scene is indeed a feast for the senses that extends far beyond steak. From brunch to cocktails, each meal and every drink is an opportunity to experience the rich tapestry of flavours, cultures, and stories that the city’s culinary landscape has to offer. So why limit your food journey to dinner? Immerse yourself in the full Amsterdam dining experience!

Conclusion: A Carnivorous Journey Through Steakhouse Amsterdam

A plate of steak
Best Steak in Amsterdam

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie, a steak enthusiast or simply a traveller looking for an unforgettable dining experience, the steakhouse Amsterdam scene is bound to enthral. Each restaurant brings its own unique charm to the table – from the Argentinean authenticity of Salmuera and CAU Steakhouse, the sizzling delights of Cafe Carbon, the daring atmosphere of Cannibale Royale, to the interactive experience at Day’s Stonegrill 1870, and even the remarkable opportunity to dine aboard an Amsterdam Dinner Cruise. The hunt for the best steak Amsterdam has to offer is not just about the destination; it’s about the journey.

As you venture through the streets of Amsterdam, the rich aroma of perfectly seared steak wafts from charming alleyways and bustling boulevards. The city’s dining scene is a delightful blend of tradition and innovation, local and international influences – all collaborating to celebrate the fine art of steak preparation.

In this culinary journey, you’ll not only find the best steak Amsterdam has to offer, but also come to appreciate the diverse dining experiences that are unique to this vibrant city. From bustling restaurants in the heart of the city to peaceful dinner cruises along its iconic canals, the quest for the perfect steak opens the door to an immersive exploration of Amsterdam’s rich gastronomic landscape.

As we conclude this guide, we hope that it serves as an appetising starting point for your own steak adventure in Amsterdam. Bon Appétit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Amsterdam have so many Argentinian restaurants?

Amsterdam’s abundance of Argentinian restaurants can be attributed to a combination of factors. The city’s multicultural background welcomes diverse culinary influences, among which Argentinian cuisine, known for its exceptional steak, has found significant popularity.

What are people saying about steakhouses in Amsterdam?

Reviews and feedback from diners about steakhouses in Amsterdam are generally very positive. Many speak highly of the diverse range of steakhouses, each providing a unique steak-eating experience.

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