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Flamenco Show Barcelona

Discover the best flamenco show Barcelona has to offer! Experience an unforgettable evening’s entertainment while enjoying tapas, a full dinner or a glass of local wine. Make sure to reserve your spot for the best flamenco show in Barcelona!

  • Enjoy the passionate and energetic flamenco dancing of professional dancers in a traditional setting.
  • Experience the unique sound of live flamenco guitar music, accompanied by singers and percussionists.
  • Marvel at the colourful costumes and intricate footwork of the performers.
  • Choose your seat, show time and dinner option

Good to know:

What's included?
  • A one-hour plus authentic flamenco show
  • A traditional Spanish dinner during the show
  • An opportunity to indugle yourself in local Spanish culture
  • Free entrance to the Spanish Village
More information

What is a Barcelona Flamenco Show?

Flamenco is a creative show that arose in Andalusia as a result of cultural miscegenation between Gypsies, Arabs, Jews, and Christians. This Andalusian art combines singing, music and dancing, primarily based on the melody of a guitar.


The many flamenco genres, known as ‘Palos,’ are distinguished by a high level of emotional intensity in the songs’ lyrics as well as in the performances of the artists, who can be singers, guitarists or dancers. Without a doubt, the flamenco tablao is the ideal setting to see this type of performance. Tablaos, the heirs of the ancient cafes-singers, rose to prominence between 1860 and 1919, a period called the Golden Age of Flamenco.


Initially, flamenco was solely about singing, but as time passed, the flamenco dance began to pique the public’s curiosity about the tablaos. The use of the guitar as a vital accompaniment to singing and dancing was incorporated during the show’s peak. The flamenco presentations we can see today result from this mix, combining dancing, singing, and guitar strumming. And all this, you can experience at a Barcelona Flamenco Show.

What To Expect from a Flamenco Show Barcelona

Across the different flamenco ‘tablao’, several flamenco genres are played throughout the performances, incorporating music, song, and dance.


During a flamenco presentation, the artists interpret diverse genres with alternate tunings, lyrics, and styles, all of which contribute to the performers’ expressiveness. Siguiriya and soleá, for example, are more dramatic cutting sticks, while alegras encourage optimism and create a more celebratory environment throughout the play.


Artists communicate their emotions through dance, poetry, and sound, as well as through body movement, singing, music, rhythm and, most importantly, improvisation.


What’s included in a Barcelona Flamenco Show

  • An authentic flamenco show
  • A traditional Spanish dinner during the show
  • Free entrance to the Spanish Village

Barcelona City Hall Flamenco or an authentic tablao?

While there are quite a number of venues where you can enjoy a flamenco Barcelona, experiencing one at an authentic tablao is the real deal. The cozy intimate atmosphere combined with the genuine interior really creates an authentic show that you might miss at the Barcelona City Hall Flamenco.


Attend a flamenco show Barcelona and let yourself get swept up in the electric atmosphere of the flamenco tablao. Pay close attention to the performers on stage, as this is where you will get the most authentic emotional experience of flamenco. While watching the show, you can also indulge in some of the finest forms of Andalusian cuisine.


  • Choose your seat, show time and include a drink option (there are often optional extras when you book online)
  • Sit in the history-rich theatre to watch a troupe of talented dancers 
  • Enjoy lively, upbeat music with guitars, drums and bass singing 
  • Select seats in the main area or opt for a VIP private seat 
  • Choose a show start time that matches your schedule for the evening

Why is a Flamenco Show Worth Every Penny?

Experience endless sensations: Flamenco is an art form that emphasizes emotions. During the one-hour plus performance, you will experience a thousand sensations able to touch the deepest part of your heart, since it’s a grievous art produced from the artists’ innards.


Have an intimate feel of the Spanish culture: Flamenco shows have spread all over the country, becoming a hallmark of Spanish tradition. During your time in Barcelona, don’t miss the opportunity to visit a “tablao flamenco” and gain an understanding of the history of this art form.


Enough intimacy with artists to give you goosebumps: Because it is a small place with limited space, you will be only a few meters away from the artists. So, regardless of row, you will be able to see every dance move and hear every breath between notes with clarity.


Free entrance to Poble Espanyol, the Spanish Village: When you book a Flamenco show, you get free access to the open-air architectural museum in Barcelona called Poble Espanyol. Packed with various cultural and entertainment activities for all ages, it is an ideal place for a great outing and a fun family experience.


Book a show at the best flamenco show in Barcelona

A show at a Flamenco bar Barcelona is a fantastic experience that is not to be missed. It’s where you are treated with care, sit in a relaxed atmosphere, and the dancers and musicians really give their all. Before the show or afterwards, you can stroll a little through the Pueblo Espanol, treat yourself to ice cream or enjoy a drink on one of the small terraces.


If you are planning an evening with a flamenco show in Barcelona as a birthday surprise or as a wedding anniversary gift, there are several ways to buy tickets online in advance. Whether you opt for a lesser-known show in a small venue or one of the more prestigious events, you are sure to experience an unforgettable night! 


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What you can expect

What you can expect

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Don’t forget you get free entrance to the Spanish Village if you book this activity!


Located in the heart of the city, the Spanish Village is a charming and authentic destination where you can learn about the country’s rich history and traditions. With a variety of activities and experiences to choose from, there’s something for everyone at the Spanish Village. Whether you want to try your hand at traditional crafts, enjoy some delicious local cuisine, or simply take in the stunning views, you can find it all at this popular attraction. So don’t forget to add the Spanish Village to your itinerary and book an activity to make the most of your visit.

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Flamenco Show Barcelona

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